Check Point products provide end-to-end security
from the enterprise, to the cloud,
to your mobile workers' personal devices.
Through A Single App




SandBlast Network

Stopping Zero Days at the Speed of Business

SandBlast Network provides the best zero-day protection in the industry, while reducing administration overhead and ensuring ongoing business productivity.

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Best Zero-Day

Powerful threat intelligence and AI technologies prevent unknown cyber threats

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Streamlined Security

Single click setup, with
out-of-the-box profiles
optimized for business needs

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Delivering a prevention-first strategy with no impact on user experience

Next Generation Firewalls

Check Point 게이트웨이는 NGFW (Next Generation Firewall)보다 뛰어난 보안을 제공합니다. Sandblast Network의 보호를 위해 가장 잘 설계된이 게이트웨이는 60 개 이상의 혁신적인 보안 서비스를 통해 5 세대 사이버 공격을 방지하는 데 가장 적합합니다. Infinity 아키텍처를 기반으로하는 새로운 15 개 모델의 Quantum Security Gateway ™ 라인업은 최대 1.5Tbps의 위협 방지 성능을 제공하고 필요에 따라 확장 할 수 있습니다.


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Delivers the highest-caliber threat prevention with award winning SandBlast Network Zero Day protection out of the box 

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Security at

On-demand hyperscale threat prevention performance providing enterprises cloud level expansion and resiliency on premises

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R80.40 unified security management control across networks, clouds, and IoT increases efficiency cutting security operations up to 80%

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Small Business
900/1500 Series
The most comprehensive, enterprise grade security for your business with intuitive and simple management & reporting using WebUI
Quantum 3600 Security Gateway Appliance tile image
Branch Office
1500/3000 Series
Enterprise-grade security in a small form factor, ideal for branch and small office.

Quantum 6900 Security Gateway Appliance tile image
Midsize Enterprise
6000 Series
The power of Gen V in a single security gateway engineered to meet all your business needs today and in the future.
Quantum 16000 Security Gateway Appliance tile image
Large Enterprise
7000/16000 Series
Comprehensive security protections in a scalable, easy to manage configuration, preferred for large enterprises.
Quantum 26000 Security Gateway Appliance Floating hero image
Data Center and High-End Enterprise
26000/28000 Series
The most comprehensive protections with data center-grade hardware to maximize uptime and performance.
High Performance and Scalable Platforms 44000/64000 Series appliances
High Performance and Scalable Platforms
44000/64000 Series
Multi-bladed, chassis-based security systems scale up to 66,000 SPU to support the needs of growing networks.

Maestro 하이퍼 스케일 네트워크 보안 어플라이언스 이미지

Check Point Maestro

Check Point Maestro는 관리하기 쉬운 하이퍼 스케일 네트워크 보안 솔루션 에서 현재 하드웨어 투자를 활용하고 어플라이언스 용량을 최대화 할 수있는 새로운 방법을 업계에 도입했습니다 .

Maestro를 사용하면 조직은 퍼블릭 클라우드에서 새 서버 및 컴퓨팅 리소스를 가동 할 수있는 것과 동일한 방식으로 워크 플로 오케스트레이션을 단순화하고 필요에 따라 기존 Check Point 보안 게이트웨이를 확장 할 수 있습니다.

Maestro 오케스트레이션을 사용하면 단일 Check Point 게이트웨이 오케스트레이션에서 52 개 게이트웨이의 용량 및 성능으로 확장 할 수 있으므로 탄력적인 유연성을 제공 할 수 있습니다.

Security of Hyperscale

On demand expansion available to gateways of all sizes


Operational Supremacy

Opening up new simple ways to architect and manage cyber security


Cloud-Level Resiliency

Delivering the highest standard of security orchestration and resiliency with Telco-Grade technology

Maestro Threat Prevention Throughput Graph of 6500 to 26000 series


Maestro HyperSync 


Maestro Scalability

SandBlast Mobile Security

스마트 폰을 통해 기업 데이터에 액세스하는 동안 귀사의 비즈니스는 그 어느 때보다 보안 위협에 노출됩니다.

SandBlast Mobile은 배포, 관리 및 확장이 간편하며, 완벽한 보호 기능을 제공합니다.

Application Protection

Prevents malware from infiltrating employees’ devices by detecting and blocking the download of malicious apps in real-time.

Network Protection

By extending Check Point’s industry-leading network security technologies to mobile devices, SandBlast Mobile offers a broad range of network security capabilities:

  • Anti-Phishing with Zero-Phishing
  • Safe Browsing
  • Conditional Access
  • Anti-Bot
  • URL Filtering
  • Protected DNS
  • Wi-Fi Network Security

Operating System & Device Protection

Ensures devices are not exposed to compromise with real-time risk assessments detecting attacks, vulnerabilities, configuration changes, and advanced rooting and jailbreaking.

Mobile Secure Workspace

Check Point Capsule Mobile Secure Workspace는 모바일 디바이스에서 사설 작업 공간을 생성하는 모바일 보안 컨테이너로, 회사 네트워크 내부 및 외부에서 회사 데이터 및 자산을 간단하게 보호 할 수 있습니다.


Capsule Mobile 보안 작업 공간 이미지

Simplified Management

Model and enforce gold standard policies across accounts, projects, regions and virtual networks 

Prevent Data Loss

Significantly reduces data loss and leakage by authenticating users, preventing access from compromised devices and enabling remote wipe.


Seamless User Experience

Easily facilitates secure, intuitive interactions with business resources such as email, calendars, contacts and corporate intranets.

SandBlast Mobile Example

Simplify Mobile Security

Mobile Secure Workspace provides a single
point solution for managing data on BYOD.

Respect End User Privacy

Respect End User Privacy

Corporate data is separated from private
personal data, complying with local privacy

Enable Business Opportunities

Enable Business Opportunities

Increase efficiency by enabling employees
to access protected corporate data on
mobile devices.

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Infinity-Vision I had to juggle all my various tasks in my mind throughout the day.
Infinity-Vision helped me get more organized, and now I simply get more done.”