Solve problems in seconds with the only full-stack, analytics-powered and OpenTelemetry-native observability solution.

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Whether on-prem, hybrid or multicloud, Splunk delivers real-time monitoring and troubleshooting to help you maximize infrastructure performance with complete visibility.


Instant visualization

Get fast time to value with over 250+ cloud service integrations and pre-built dashboards out of the box for rapid, full-stack visualization. Autodiscover, break down, group, and explore clouds, services and systems in minutes.

fix problems


Real-time actionable alerts

Act before infrastructure performance affects end-user experience. Instantly detect and accurately alerts on dynamic thresholds, multiple conditions and complex rules to eliminate alert storms and dramatically reduce MTTD/MTTR.

scale without barriers


Centralized, enterprise controls

Answer business-critical questions in context and monitor service-level objectives and indicators instantly. Track custom metrics for business KPIs to token based access and usage controls.

ai driven analytics


Scale with confidence

Troubleshoot across thousands of microservices, multiple ephemeral deployments, application versions and billions of events. Release better apps faster and drive closed-loop automation for a flawless end-user experience.

scale with confidence


Splunk® Application Performance Monitoring

End-to-end visibility helps modern enterprises pinpoint issues faster.


Never miss an anomaly

To deliver a flawless application performance, you need to observe everything. With NoSample™ full-fidelity tracing, Splunk® APM is unique in ingesting and retaining all your trace data to identify any anomaly.



AI-driven analytics and directed troubleshooting

Easily identify, scope and resolve issues with AI-driven troubleshooting that automatically correlates system performance to the find root cause faster and improve MTTR.



Full OpenTelemetry support

Our philosophy is to maximize customer choice. With OpenTelemetry, the second most popular CNCF project after Kubernetes, you can leverage a strong and vibrant community with no vendor lock-in. Instrument once and use everywhere.



Continuous code profiling

AlwaysOn continuously analyzes code-level performance in context with trace data, with minimal overhead. Find and fix service bottlenecks, and identify resource optimization opportunities anywhere in your environment.

full-stack observability

Splunk Log Observer

Investigate developer- and SRE-oriented logs quickly to better understand application behavior.


Centralize your log data

Build on the value of data from your extensible Splunk platform with real-time, highly scalable insights. Democratize data access for DevOps practices and grow new use cases as IT leaders seek to future-proof their investments.



Analyze logs in context

Blend aggregated logs with real-time metrics in minutes for full-stack monitoring and in-context troubleshooting. SREs can quickly jump between related content with granular data exploration to accelerate root cause analysis.



Speed time to value

Get started quickly — no SPL knowledge required. Point-and-click for a no-code issue search and query experience. Developers can watch critical logs in production using unified filters and time controls to fix potential problems.



Get full-fidelity visibility

Ingest data from any source and any scale — with no sampling. Complement existing agents with OpenTelemetry to auto-instrument using a common format that makes it easier for users to get data in. No more vendor lock-in.

scale with confidence

Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM)

End-to-end visibility helps you pinpoint customer-impacting issues from web browsers and native mobile apps to your backend services.


Correlate issues faster

Infinite cardinality and full transaction analysis helps you isolate and correlate issues faster across complex distributed systems.



Isolate latency and errors

Easily identify latency, errors and poor performance for each code change and deployment. Measure how content, images and third-party dependencies impact your customers.



AI-driven troubleshooting

Identify the issues impacting your customers, webpages and mobile apps the most. AI-driven troubleshooting uses all your data and enterprise-grade analytics to provide recommendations for which problems to fix first.



Improve core web vitals

Benchmark and improve your customer experience with core web vitals as the standard for page load, interactivity and visual stability. 


Solve it with Splunk

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Stay agile and flexible so you can drive high performance and excel in the cloud.

Application modernization

Application modernization

Innovate faster and get better app performance visibility for exceptional customer experiences.

IT modernization

IT modernization

Maintain high IT service uptime while improving efficiency and reducing alert storms.

From packaged, on-prem applications to cloud-native web applications, only Splunk delivers end-to-end visibility and correlates issues across your stack.